Tuesday, August 27, 2013

why gods are made of rocks

When I was a kid, I used to think that I want a friend who will never change. what ever I tell my friend, he should not change. When I say happy things, my friends become very happy and when I say sad things, my friends become sad. When I say, I am really pissed with someone, my friends will develop an anger towards them too.

Initially the idea was to have a friend who is always happy, whatever I say. I realized that it is not possible. Lets say if you want to remember only good things from your past, it is not possible, you will also remember bad things. Basically it is remembering your past. So if you dont want to remember bad things, you have to drop good things as well. Thats why I started this article saying that I need a friend who does not change.

Then I found rocks. They are so fascinating that whatever you tell rocks, they are not going to change. I used to share all my happiness and sorrows with rocks. I used to feel so happy that i got a friend who will never change irrespective of the season, irrespective of your emotion, your fear, your love, your happiness, your sorrow. The rocks are a symbol of endurance. Then I realized, who is the person/thing/power that can always make you happy, wont change what ever you tell them, always listens to you, whenever and whatever you say to them. GOD.

Then I thought it kind of makes sense that Gods in temple are made of rocks. People keep asking ridiculous things, god wont get upset People keep telling about too much sorrowful things, god wont get upset People always want a ear that can listen, god is there and THE most important quality promoting trust. So it is kind of closest personification of Gods qualities(if they can be defined)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Language in communication

If you don't know what to say, then language doesn't matter. If you know exactly what to say, then also language doesn't matter because you know exactly what to say. For all the situations in between, language matters because it can help cover the inability of not being clear about something you want to say.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trust is the way to go

Trust is the only miraculous phenomenon in this world that has the power to remove the fear. The more you trust the less afraid you are. Our society and the system in which we are brought up always teaches us not to trust anyone. Thats how we keep deviating from THE path of our life

Trust has nothing to do with a person or a thing. Let me explain this by taking an example of an guru and a disciple. The disciple has so much trust in the guru.That trust itself is enough to elevate the disciple. The guru need not be capable enough or the guru need not know everything. Just because of the trust the disciple has in guru will make him acheive greater wisdom.

We keep hearing from our so called "well wishers", our parents, teachers and our friends not to trust this person/that person/this phenomenon/that principle/this thought/ that religion etc etc. But those people are not really helping. This is will further add to your fear of being thus increasing the conditioning of the mind. The more conditionally constrained you are, the more delayed is your response to whatever you encounter thus decreasing your response(ability). This is similar to a software program. The more conditional loops it has in its process, the more delayed the reponse is.

The entire world or universe or whatever there is, everything revolves around trust. Trust is the very core of everything that is happening around us. When you are trying to accomplish a difficult thing, the trust you have in the completion alone will give you enough strength and courage to finish it.

Have you ever thought, why our elders, all the religious gurus and our sage's teachings constantly emphasize on trusting oneself? We are all logical beings. We keep satisfying ourselves with logic. And the logic will not allow us to trust. So it is almost impossible to find someone you can trust. Lets say you have been waiting for a guru to surrender yourself. Only thing is you want a guru whom you can trust. This can never happen because the logical mind wont allow trust to happen. Meanwhile you will be wasting your life/losing your energy. So in order to save us from this, our sages have always asked to trust the self. The logical mind will not be a hindrance in dealing with the self. So it becomes easy. Because only trust can give the energy for a greater self. The trust itself is more important than what we trust.

Whenever you see a person dull, not able to accomplish anything in life, it means he/she is not able to trust. The only medicine that you can give them is trust. People should start cultivating the habit of trust. It is not confined to a person or thing or a situation or even god. You can trust anything. Trust is behind all the miracles in the world.

If you really observe god is so clever, he has hidden himself behind trust. No one has ever seen/ felt god. But if you trust in god, he's there. See how wonderful god is. God is trying to push for trust in every possible encounter. If you trust god can do, god will do. First of all if you trust that god is there, he's there. The more trust you have in god, the more powerful is the god you trust. So it is actually not the god that is powerful, but the trust we have in god is the most powerful.
In olden days, doctors used to give the medicine only if the patient trusts the doctor. That is because the power of trust will cure the disease rather than the actual medicine. If we observe, we always go to the doctor we trust. Why? Whenever you see any positive change happening, trust is behind it. Every now and then knowingly or unknowingly we take to trust to comfort ourselves. Sometimes we even keep telling ourselves or others that nothing will happen to us, god will keep us from big trouble etc etc. See we are bringing the trust into our lives only when we are in trouble or in deep stress to save us from the trouble. Just in time for the trouble. But if you see just bringing in, trust, for some few minutes could save us or comfort us from a big trouble, why not cultivate the habit of trust. Having trust all the time. Making trust the very core of our being. Imagine all the wonders we can do.

So start cultivating the trust.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Give all that you have

I always felt that if any of your beloved is no more, god forbid something happens like this, but lets say if happens and if you cry and if that cry is real it is only because you have so much love left in you for the other person. It is all the incompleteness in that relation. Either you wanted it to get better, or you have so much love that you still wanted to show. So please start giving all the love that you have in any relationship. Then you need not cry even when you have to part away from your most beloved. I see a lot of people around who keep fighting as long as they are alive, and cry a lot when one of then dies. Instead you can make your life better. you can enjoy each other in any relation as long as you show all the love you have.

Good to be bad

Sometimes I feel that there is a looooot of good in being bad. Let me explain. In society it is very tough to be good. Lets say there are two people A and B. A always wants to be good for B. It is definitely not easy for A. A keeps doing things to make B happy. Sometimes, probably a lot of times manipulates things just because B cannot tolerate. B keeps thinking that A is the best and A is very good. But the problem is A cannot think about himself that he is very good. A's life keeps detiorating. Just because A is very much inclined to the idea that B should think A as good, A is not feeling good about himself. I really apologize for describing A as "him". This has nothing to do with gender. This can happen between two people of any gender in the society.

We are so much inclined to the idea(actually spoiled by the idea) "of being good" in our society. We are not feeling good about our own selves which is the most important thing in life. But let us say that, if suddenly things change and in the above story and B somehow felt that A is bad and A realised that he could not do anything to recover from that. Then see what happens. A actually will be freed from so many things. He starts feeling good about himself. He starts feeling original, as what he is. Manipulation towards one person has reduced (beloved one) which is very good. No more pressure to cling to the idea of being good. His originality will come out. Stopping every idea of being good will actually make the person more and more original. The more you come out of this, the more free you are.

There has been so much, pressure on everyone in our society that you should be good to your parents, spouse, children, teachers, relatives, friends etc. This imposing and people accepting the idea has created so many problems. Being original is much better than being good. But if "you are very true" which is nothing but being original, being truthful and may not be being good, there is no pressure. You can do whatever you want. You need not impress anyone. You need not be good to anyone. In the process of being original, if someone likes you let it be, if someone doesn't like you so be it. Let the idea of being good not create a lot of pressure in your life. Its soo good in being bad. Let it start with bad. Let it be original and NOT GOOD. By and by you can see that everything will be original and finally truth(which is beyond good or bad).

Water resource

I keep asking myself about the best way to define any relationship. I mean a generalized way that any relation can fit in this.

Every human being, probably I would say every living creature is like a water resource. If you approach with a cup, you will get a cup of water. If you go with a glass you will get only a glass of water. The bigger the vessel you carry, the more water you will get. At the same time each water resource is so huge that you can swim in that. This signifies the intention with which you are approaching any relationship. If you do not want it to grow beyond some pre-defined thing, its like carrying a small vessel. But at the same time each and every living creature is capable of being a pool, a huge water resource that can allow the approaching person to swim in that. It all lies in what you want it to be

Music is the transformation of life

Please do no ask me regarding the subject of this article. You will probably know by the end of this. I am just trying to pen down something I really felt today. I really felt that divineness has been embedded in each and every thing that we have around us. It’s just that we have to understand it, discover it. For example let me take music and try to explain some concepts through it. Music just an art of 7 letters, sounds, frequencies however you want to describe it, but is much more and probably beyond these 7 letters, sounds, frequencies. My friends used to make fun of me when I used to say that I like Karnatic music that it is the most lethargic which involves stretching of the sounds etc.

But let me start with the 7 frequencies or sounds “sa re ga ma pa da ni ”. Music starts with defining your frequencies or sounds for each of these letters. I have never learnt music and so may not be quite familiar with the terminology used in it. Once you define your sounds for all these 7 letters, I mean once you master these 7 sounds, you will be able to sing these with exactly the same frequency or sound even if asked to sing in the middle of the night while in deep sleep. This is what it means to master something. In life this is synonymous to define something to do in a particular way which is discipline. Discipline as I see has nothing to do with time. It is just the defining of something to do in a particular way. The more you are used to defining things, the more you will experience perfection.

In music, the basic concept lies in bringing down a complex sound (which is a combination of sounds probably Raaga) to the simplest possible sounds which are nothing but the basic seven sounds that we have defined and mastered. Similarly if you see in life any complex task can be brought down into the simplest of the tasks and start from each of these simple tasks that we know or have already mastered. If you see in the field IT, the design and analysis involves breaking down of complex tasks into simpler ones that are pre-defined. I have seen many great musicians playing tele ads, movie songs, some of the mantras etc. So any complex line can be brought down to the pre-defined set of simple things that can easily be done. Life teaches us the same thing to bring down any complex task into a set of pre-defined simple known tasks.

Coming to the next aspect of music, people try to master these 7 sounds irrespective of the conditions. Let me explain. I remember watching some of the movies in which a person teaching music will make the student stand in a river of cold water immersed till the neck and then practice these sounds. In life if you see, another aspect that will affect the things we do are the circumstances, tensions, sufferings, affections and a lot of other things. Practicing music like that is nothing but simulating those conditions artificially and trying to master them. Once the student is able to sing the 7 sounds as exactly defined, they have mastered the circumstances. In life one should try to master the circumstances which means that irrespective of the circumstances that we are in, we must be able to lead our life smoothly without any issues.

Coming the next aspect of music is that you are singing a song with an underlying svaram. Let me take an example of geetham, cos that’s what I know, there is something called svaram. When you are singing something, it is being guided by the underlying svaram. If you take an example geetham “vara veena”, the underlying svaram is “ga ga pa pa ”. When you closely observe this, you are singing “va” with a sound of pre-defined “ga”. Whatever we do in life are guided by the intentions, underlying. If the svaram is not right, the geetham wont be heard pleasantly. Similarly if the underlying intentions are not good, though you may do something really good, it will not be received pleasantly. Intentions in life are as good as svarams in music.

The next aspect of music will let you further refine the frequencies that you have mastered. For example if you take the simple sound “re”, this can be further divided into three more frequencies which are close by. This aspect signifies knowing the difference between the things that are very close, mastering. I have read a definition about expert somewhere that has been imprinted in my mind. “An expert is a person who knows more and more about less and less”. So this aspect of music encourages us to gain the expertise, to know the subtle differences between the closest of the things. But this can happen only when you have already mastered the basics. In life, once you are doing things with perfection, then you can further refine them. In olden days, people used to describe a disciple as being better than a master. Once you start doing something that a master has got, with perfection, the next thing can be to improve the thing itself.

Let me mention the next aspect of music, research and experimentation. I have heard, learnt from the musicians, that they experiment a lot trying to build new ragas, tunes etc. If you see there are millions of songs written, composed differently. But they are all the bi-products of the same very minor set of pre-defined sounds or frequencies. So there is a lot more to experiment. But imagine when this can happen, when you have already mastered the things you are doing and also know the subtle differences between them.

In this process of research a person might discover new things. This is a discovery not an invention. He has known that a particular sound (a complex sound) can be in a particular way. But it already exists in nature and is just the discovery of it. Like if you take the example of a person carving a statue out of stone. The statue already exists inside the stone. It is just that this person is discovering it for the world. So there are infinite number of things in this world waiting to be discovered.

If you observe the world, divineness is everywhere. It is just that we have to discover it. If you see there is distinction only at lower level of education like arts, sciences, literature etc. But as go up you will finally reach PhD which is doctorate in philosophy. This means that the person has discovered something for the world that already exists in nature.

Finally I want to mention about the aspect of dissolution in life. Whenever a person is so involved in singing, the person is completely lost in that moment. Becoming one with the music. The person wont exist separately. He/she has become one with the music. This is nothing but a state of bliss. Whenever you become one with something, whenever you don’t exist independently, it is a state of bliss. If you observe very carefully whenever you are feeling really happy, whenever you are in the blissful state, you don’t know that you are happy. You don’t exist. But the happiness is felt after you come out of the state and start recollecting about that state. But when you are in that state of bliss, you don’t know that you are atleast for a fraction of time.

All this applies to every aspect of life. So start discovering the divineness